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ON THE BEAT gives young people the opportunity to explore the possibilities of digital music technology and create their own style of music. Find out more


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Digital Music Adventure

ON THE BEAT from the MoMent Music team gives young people the opportunity to explore the possibilities of digital music technology and create their own style of music, regardless of their ability levels or experience.

The ability to play an instrument or read music is not necessary. With the help and guidance of our experienced music leaders and technicians working with state of the art digital technology they will gain the knowledge, confidence and self esteem to produce their own professional sounding piece of music.

Each participant attends workshops in digital music production using various new digital technologies/computer programmes. Participants also attend writing sessions with top MC's and rappers, honing their verse writing skills and writing about their lives, their problems and their hopes.

The sessions encourage young people to articulate their thoughts and feelings about their experiences through music as well as provide them with a platform to address issues affecting them and their peers.

The technical equipment requires no previous experience and is used to produce a finished composition, which is recorded onto CD (over 250 new pieces of music have been produced by young people over the past 2 years at On The Beat and now sit proudly in their creators CD collections).

Through writing original music together (and working towards a final recording) the participants learn essential team building and communication skills to help build their confidence and feel a sense of achievement.

Overall, we aim to inspire and motivate our young people to be creative and confident (as well as raise their awareness of music as a medium for expression and the further opportunities in music technology available to them).

Listen to Tunes

On the player below you can listen to three tunes produced in the workshops, Choices by Emily, Brainwave by Natalie, and Confusion Mix by Ayla.