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The Arrivals Project

The Arrivals is an eight week project designed to help young people develop a sense of belonging.The aim of the project is to support young people who for various reasons feel they are at the margins of the social groups they come into contact with inside and outside school.

Through the medium of the creative arts (storytelling, excerpts from novels, painting, drawing and poetry) The Arrivals project tackles subjects such as bullying and being bullied, loneliness, transition, difficult peer relationships, xenophobia and racism.

As the group develops the young people begin to identify with the sense of ‘otherness’ experienced by the main characters in the works discussed, they relate this to their own experiences and to that of the other young people in the group, school and wider community.

The project aims to:

  • Encourage young people to feel connected by building rewarding relationships with their peers
  • Help young people learn new skills together
  • Promote empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Help a young person find the confidence to present their work to the group
  • Introduce thoughtful analysis and personal interpretation

The Arrivals Project can make a significant contribution in building community cohesion by encouraging young people to value diverse cultures, the experiences of newcomers to their school and wider community, it can also help new arrivals adapt to and integrate within British communities.

The Arrivals Project runs for a minimum eight 90 minute group sessions. Each group gains its own unique identity and develops a sense of ownership, helping young people to feel safe, grow into the project and contribute fully.

As a continuation of the Arrivals I also deliver a Holocaust awareness project using local survivor testimonies and Holocaust Memorial Day foundation learning materials.