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ON THE BEAT gives young people the opportunity to explore the possibilities of digital music technology and create their own style of music. Find out more


In addition to the ‘On The Beat’ digital music project we also offer one to one KORG KAOSSILATOR music sessions. Find out more


The Arrivals is a unique project designed to help young people develop a sense of belonging. Find out more

MoMent Music is endorsed by The Decade of Health and Wellbeing, Liverpool Primary Care Trust.

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NEW - Due to the purchase of new recording software our KORG KAOSSILATOR sessions can now be incorporated into the ON THE BEAT programme providing even more opportunities for creating incredible, original musical compositions and have them recorded and mixed for you to take away!

NEW - One To One Mentoring - Our fully trained mentor can give one - to - one sessions on an hourly/contractual basis using music as a vehicle to help a young person come to terms with their experiences, gain an understanding of why things happen the way they do and to learn how they can gain some control over what happens in their lives.

NEW - Conflict resolution through a restorative justice approach. Our programme leader is trained in the delivery of restorative justice programmes and can help families, friends, schools and employers to overcome problems and situations creating long term conflict in the workplace, school or home.

NEW - We can supply a trained family worker (trained in the delivery of Webster Stratton Incredible Years Parenting course and Speakeasy sexual health training course) who can help parents with the problems associated with bringing up children in a complex and confusing society. Forget Supernanny, this is the way to teach and work with children if you want a rounded child and a respectful happy home.